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Your Trusted Lawn Care Service Provider’s Insights

Different Season; Same Healthy Lawn!

A lawn can certainly improve the appearance of any property. Not only that, but it can improve the quality of the air we breathe. This is beneficial for both our mental and physical health. That is why many property owners invest in maintaining their yards. However, many people are unaware that lawns require care depending on the season. Fortunately, there are professionals that have the necessary skills to provide proper lawn care service to maintain the health and beauty of your grass regardless of the season. Here’s how to care for your lawn in each season:


This is the time when your lawn needs so much care and attention. This is because during spring temperature starts to rise, prompting the grass to grow. With that being said, it needs more water and fertilizer. Right after the snow clears from the winter season, start fertilizing your grass again. To encourage growth, apply nitrogen-rich fertilizers. To make sure that roots will be able to soak up all the nutrients they need, make sure to aerate the soil.


If spring is the period when your lawn requires special maintenance, summer is when it is most strained. Aerating and scarifying should be avoided during this season. Booking a professional lawn care service from your trusted company is the most practical thing you can do to keep your plants healthy even during a drought.


When the temperature starts to cool down, it is the perfect chance to reseed areas of your yard after being dried up during the summer season. Raking leaves is among your main tasks if there are a lot of trees on your property.


During the winter, your lawn will be dormant for the entire season. Your grass may appear to be sleeping, but there is lots of activity going on beneath the earth during this time. Avoid stepping on frosty lawn since it can damage the grass underneath.

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