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Yard Cleanup for Decluttering Unwanted Things in Your Yard

The Best Things to Do in a Yard Cleaning

Freshness and new growth are characteristics of spring. After a protracted winter of forced neglect, it’s also, sadly, time for extensive landscaping and yard work. It may feel overwhelming to try to get your garden, trees, bushes, and yard in shape again after the harsh winter season. The first step you need to take to get good results is to remove everything unnecessary from your yard. To learn what should be taken out during a yard cleanup, keep reading.

Leaf Debris

Use a mulching mower to go over the fallen leaves; the mulch you create will serve as protection for your tree trunks, lawn, and garden beds. Blowing them to the curb and packing them for pickup is a good idea if you have more than you can handle.

Unused Plant Pots

Gather any clay pots you are not currently using and bring them inside before the cold of winter cracks them. Do you keep the thin plastic pots that nursery plants arrived in in the hopes that you will eventually find a use for them? Recycle or, in certain places, freecycle to reduce clutter.


Weeds are unattractive and significantly reduce curb appeal. These undesirable plants can also be very hardy, quickly develop, and take up a lot of room. Stop them before they choke out your garden, grass, and flowers.


Algae growth is unsightly on the side of your deck, but it may be treacherous and even deadly on a garden walk or set of steps. To control the issue in the future, remove it by either scrubbing minor areas or pressure washing larger ones. Also, think about increasing drainage in this region.

Things That Draw Insects

From your garden, remove any rotten produce. Empty any standing water, including that in gutters on roofs and abandoned birdbaths, to get rid of potential mosquito breeding grounds. A preferred hiding location for bugs, firewood should be stacked off the ground, far from any trees or your home.

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