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Variety of Dog Friendly Grasses That Lawn Care Service Can Maintain

Grasses That Dog Owners Should Know

Playing with your dog in the yard is the best thing ever. Your yard is the perfect place for unlimited enjoyment, whether you’re playing fetch or tag. This amount of play can degrade your lawn’s aesthetic appeal. Even if you don’t have a boisterous puppy, your dog’s daily toilet breaks can turn your green grass a sad shade of yellow. Your yard’s look and capacity to handle the wear and tear that comes with dog ownership can be significantly impacted by the type of grass you choose. Despite your dog’s occasionally rough treatment, with some planning, your lawn can stay lush and green with a lawn care service. These grasses are among the best for dogs.

Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis)

Does your dog seem to have endless energy and run circles around you? Not only does that kind of exercise exhaust you, but it also kills your grass. Introducing Kentucky Bluegrass, a hardy and stunning cool-season grass. The challenge of your dog’s racing paws can be met by this well-liked, quickly growing, swiftly mending, dense grass. It thrives in cooler regions and grows well in most temperatures.


Do you not have enough time to handle your boisterous dog before zoysia grass has a chance to establish itself? Fear not! Bermuda grass is resilient as well as quick to recover. This makes it the ideal option for areas where paw traffic is heavy. Due to the strength of its deep root system, it is a well-liked choice for sports fields and golf courses. It does not require frequent irrigation and is suitable for hot areas.

Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne)

Perennial ryegrass is a fantastic option if you have a large dog or own several dogs because it is resilient and tolerant of dog pee. It performs well in milder locations and maintains a stunning green hue in mild winters, although not being as cold-hardy as Kentucky Bluegrass. In comparison to other grasses, this grass does demand more water and fertilizer.

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