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Creating the Perfect Low-Maintenance Lawn This Summer

Looking forward to spending time in the backyard this summer? You might need some help with reliable lawn care companies. In fact, you can also easily keep your lawn looking fresh with these easy tips for creating the perfect low-maintenance lawn!

Tip #1: Start with Quality Turf Grass

The quality of your turf grass is essential for a quality lawn. While grass can recover from damaging occurrences, investing in quality turf grass from the start can save you time, money, and effort in the future. Be sure to do your research and pick the best grass seed for your climate, soil, and location.

Tip #2: Use the Right Fertilizer

Fertilizer is essential for keeping your lawn green and healthy. But be sure to use the right type and amount of fertilizer. Utilize slow-release fertilizers in the early spring and summer, and add liquid or dry fertilizer to boost your lawn before or after heavy rains.

Tip #3: Give your Lawn Regular Watering

Watering your lawn regularly is essential in order to keep it green, lush, and healthy. Most lawns require at least one inch of water on a weekly basis, but be sure to adjust your watering plan based on temperatures, soil moisture, and weather patterns.

Tip #4: Don’t Over-Seed

If you’re planning to overseed (or add more seed to your lawn after it’s already grown in), be sure to do so sparingly. Too much seed can lead to inconsistent color, thin turf, and disease.

By following these easy tips, you can enjoy a lush, low-maintenance lawn this summer. For more tips or professional help in creating the perfect lawn, contact By The Yard Lawn Care and speak to one of our lawn care specialists. We’re among the leading lawn care companies in Effingham, SC for the quality services that we’re offering in town. You can reach us at (843) 919-3422 to book our services or to inquire about our offers!

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