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Tips From Your Lawn Care Service Provider

Handling Perennial Weeds the Right Way!

Weeds are unsightly and troublesome to any lawn, making them difficult to maintain and keep appealing. While annual weeds can quickly be taken care of with a bit of effort, perennial weeds are much more difficult and time-consuming to get rid of. Perennial weeds, unlike their annual counterparts, have complex root systems and are far more deeply entrenched in the soil. Here are some lawn care service tips to help you handle the perennial weeds in your lawn:

Utilize Planting Variety

One of the best ways to deal with perennial weeds is to plant varieties of grass and plants that are naturally resistant to them. Many different types of grass and plants are available on the market that can help to outcompete the weeds, as well as crowd them out entirely. By planting a mixture of trees, shrubs, ground cover, and other local perennial grass varieties, you will be creating a much healthier and weed-free lawn.

Apply Organic and Chemical Weed Control

If you want to get rid of the weeds in your lawn, you will likely need to use some kind of weed control. There are organic and non-organic products on the market. These products can range from pre-emergent herbicides to vinegar-based weed killers, and you can find more natural alternatives such as certain types of mulches and oils. Before purchasing any organic weed control products, make sure to read the labels to ensure that they are safe to use on your lawn. To save yourself all the hassle, hire a trusted lawn contractor.

Pull Out the Weeds

In some cases, the only way to get rid of the perennial weeds in your lawn is to physically pull them out. To do this, use a spade or weeder to carefully remove the weedy parts and roots of the plant. Keep in mind that this can be a difficult task and may require multiple sessions to completely remove the weeds. Additionally, make sure to throw away the weeds in sealed bags in order to avoid spreading them to other parts of the garden. Your trusted lawn care expert can definitely help!

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