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Some Insights From Your Lawn Service Provider

The Right Plants to Grow This Summer

This summer, bring your landscape to life with a few key steps for proper plant care. From annuals, perennials, and biennials, there are myriad types of plants to choose from. Learn what to do this summer to ensure that your landscape plants thrive in the hot, humid summer months. Below are some insights from your trusted lawn service provider!


Annuals are the more resilient, hardy cousins of other plants in the garden. They’re the workhorses of the landscape, often needing only sun, soil, and occasional watering to thrive. In the summer, keep an eye out for dry spots in the garden where water may be needed. Fertilizer can also be useful in giving your annuals the extra boost they need to remain healthy-looking throughout the summer.


Perennials are the plants that will grace your garden year after year. As their name implies, they are hardy and return each year with minimal care. During summertime, make sure they’re getting enough water and a layer of mulch in their beds. This provides a barrier between hot temperatures and their tender roots. When the summer heat becomes too intense, providing some shade can help protect against burning and wilting.


Biennials may be shorter-lived than perennial plants, but they’re great for adding seasonal interest to a garden. These plants require a bit more attention in summer, as temperature changes and watering schedules can affect blooming. During summer, check their soil often to ensure that there’s enough consistent moisture. If you’re looking for plant diversity in the garden, biennials are a great choice for adding texture and form.

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