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Lawn Care Tips

Revive Your Dying Lawn

It’s a common problem for homeowners – a dry, brown lawn that’s seen better days. But it’s possible to bring life back to a dried-out lawn with a few simple lawn care steps. In this blog, we’ll walk through the best ways to revive a drying lawn and start seeing vibrant, healthy grass in the near future.

Proper Watering

The most important step in reviving a drying lawn is to start a regular watering schedule. Depending on the climate, this could mean a few times a week or just one weekly deep irrigation. Make sure to avoid overwatering and drowning the lawn, and instead focus on deep, slow-running irrigation to maximize soil penetration.


Fertilizing can be essential for giving the lawn the nutrition it needs to thrive after a period of drying. Choose a lawn food that’s designed for the grass type, soil type, and climate, and spread it evenly across the lawn. This will give the grass the nutrients it needs from the fertilizer to grow properly.


Mow the lawn to even out the grass length and encourage new growth. Keep the blade at a medium height and don’t cut too much off – this will allow the sun to reach the grass blade and add to the overall health of the lawn.


Aerating can be a great way to open up the soil and allow more oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass. This can accelerate recovery and help dense soil breathe again. A core aerator works best for this.

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