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How a Proper Lawn Care Is Done

A Lush, Healthy Lawn

You have been trying to get the lawn you have always wanted, right? With proper lawn care, perhaps you have already planted grass and it has been growing very well. But, have you ever wondered why some turfs take a lot more time and effort to keep green and healthy? Here are just some of the amazing things you can try to keep your lawn impressive and healthy:

Take Care of the Roots

Not all turfs need fertilizer, but most turfs need to be fertilized. You should fertilize your lawns between April to May and September to October. That way, the roots will absorb the nutrients it needs. You can use grass clippings and shredded leaves when mulching your lawn.

Water it Well

Watering your lawn is important. If there is no water, the grass will eventually die. You should water your lawn before the sun is up. However, please be careful not to over-water it. If your lawn is not watered properly, it’ll kill the grass.

Fertilize it Right

Fertilizing your lawn is what makes it grow green. You should fertilize it before the nutrients are washed away. You can use a lawn fertilizer that is made for lawns. You can also use natural fertilizer. You can make fertilizer out of the manure, coffee grounds, and eggshells.

Mow It Properly

The grass can grow rapidly. So, if you don’t cut it often, your lawn will be covered with grasses. Don’t let that happen by mowing your lawn. Mow it when the sun is up and when it is not raining. If you don’t have a lawnmower, you can rent one.

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