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We do yard clean up, bush trimming, leaves clean up, overgrown property clean up!

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Why You Should Consider My Lawn Care Expertise

If your lawn needs to be maintained, you can always count on professional services offered by lawn care companies like By The Yard Lawn Care. I make sure homeowners in Effingham, SC enjoy their lawns every day. This should encourage you to hire my service instead of doing the job alone. Remember, there are risks if you do it wrong, and you must think about it. This is a part of your investment, so you must be wise enough to hire an expert to take care of the task.

My Main Services

Lawn Care

Lawn Care
Lawn service is the most common service I offer, and it's trusted by many people. This is because I mastered the technique and I have the best resources for it. This means you shouldn't be worried about anything when you hire me. I can produce quality results and make sure your lawn stays green.

Small Landscaping

Small Landscaping
Do you wish to decorate your lawn? Make use of your space and landscape your yard today. My service includes small landscaping, which can definitely improve your entire lawn. Your preference is all that matters; that is why you must think about it and tell the specifics of your plans. I can realize all of it.

Bush Trimming

Bush Trimming
Are your bushes overgrowing and destroying your lawn design? Worry no more because I do bush and hedge trimming as well. I possess the tools for it, and I make sure that the result is clean. I have been doing this for many years, so your problem should be easy to solve.


If you wish to retain the moisture of your soil, you can also count on my mulching service. I know the right procedure for the process. You only need to be patient and must trust me to take care of your lawn situation. You wouldn't regret a thing.

Pine Straw

Pine Straw
Tired of bark mulch? Try our pine straw mulching service. This is different and probably a better alternative. You might have heard it from others and they're definitely right. It keeps soil much more moisturized and healthy. Call me today to avail yourself of this service.

Bush Hogging Work

Bush Hogging Work
Removing bushes and small trees might be difficult for you if you don't have the experience and equipment, so it's best that invest in my services. One of the things I specialize in is bush hogging, which will clear your property of any bush, making it cleaner and more spacious.

Other Services

My work does not only focus on the mentioned services above. I also provide other solutions such as garage clean-out, debris removal, and dump trailer rental. If you need any of these specific services, I am a call away.

Why Trust My Service

It is highly significant that you take care of your property lawn because it greatly contributes to maintaining a fresh and welcoming environment. However, you can’t do it without hiring a service like mine. The reason you need my service is that I have every tool for lawn care, especially for yard cleanup. I also have years of experience, so the job should be a piece of cake for me. With my help, you get to save time, energy, and money.

How I Do It

Simple steps are followed. I let my clients share their plans first. This way, I would have a specific idea of what you want to happen. It helps me prepare, especially the materials. Then, scheduling is done. When I go to your place, I check everything right away so I can estimate. It allows me to do the cleaning, landscaping, and other tasks properly.

Other Areas I Serve

There are a few locations where my service is available. Take note of them because you might be in one of these areas in the future.

  • Danwood, SC
  • Peniel Crossroads, SC
  • Timmonsville, SC
  • Pamplico, SC
  • Coward, SC

For quality lawn care service, contact By The Yard Lawn Care. I offer a satisfying service in Effingham, SC. Give me a call for early scheduling.

Client’s Testimonial

by Kristi Wagoner on By The Yard Lawn Care
Outstanding Results

I was having an issue with my lawn and could not determine why it was dying. I called in a professional lawn care service and they got to work right away, no fuss or time wasted. They managed to transform my lawn into a lush green oasis, I would highly recommend them.

By The Yard Lawn Care
Effingham, SC 29541
Phone: (843) 919-3422

  • Lawn Care
  • Small Landscaping
  • Bush Trimming
  • Mulching
  • Pine Straw
  • Leaves Cleanup
  • Garage Clean-out
  • Debris Removal
  • Dump Trailer Rental
  • Bush Hogging Work

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